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Digital marketing is extremely versatile. You can have multiple different strategies happening, resulting in high rates of traffic from different sources. So while your email marketing strategy and social media campaigns are underway, there is nothing to hold you back from starting an affiliate marketing program. Full-time affiliate marketers will dedicate their time to finding products and targeting these products to prospective leads. It’s a low-risk strategy for them, as they don’t lose out on a huge profit by using an affiliate program. They only end up paying for successful results. Affiliate marketing can offer valuable insights into your marketing strategy. In addition, it is low energy and low risk, due to the fact that it is a form of performance marketing. So if you’re thinking about implementing more strategic marketing, it could be a great option to consider. The course gives full control over the market from services hunting to service selling. No loss of money and no loss of effort.

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Learn the power of Digitstore24 How the application works and you earn on the go

  • Lecture # 1 Digistore24 & a bit about myself.mp4 19min 52sec

How to use Digistore24 Learn to find links & hunting

  • Lecture # 2 DS-24 101 demo.mp4 14min 5sec

Hunt products using basic eays to use links and place them on your profiles to earn.

  • Lecture # 3 DS-24 Affiliate Links.mp4 7min 18sec
  • Lecture # 4 DS_24 VS AWS AM.mp4 11min 15sec
  • Lecture # 5 DS-24 Huge Profits.mp4 11min 10sec

How can you launch your own digistore link portal and make more earning

  • Lecture # 6 Conclusion.mp4 9min 29sec
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About Expert

Shahbaz khan

Senior Project Manager @ Shobi Solutions

I help startups define and implement a strong competitive marketing and business strategy so that they can have a strong brand position.


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  • Jawad Akbar


    It has been great working on Digistore24 with him. I had sales of $800 in the first 15 days. With the concept of CPC & PPC my Ebook link have always given me huge margins. Its been a year now that I have been using DS24 and making amazing margins.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes it does, however if you are in PAKISTAN or region where Paypal is prohibited. I use Payoneer for daily transactions. If you need to work on Payoneer, will be uploading a short video on that too, in the mean time you can watch this . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S60LEcfJWFQ

The best is non, what matters is your Niche and your way to sell it on the medium; i.e, socials, web or personal blog.

No need to creat Affiliate Link, just copy the LINK and place it on your Socials, Website or on your personal blog.

You will automatically receive an email with your access data as soon as we have successfully received your payment. Click on the link that we sent you and then press the button “Access purchase”. If you still have problems accessing your product, please contact the product manufacturer. . COPIED FROM DIGISTORE24.COM

Digistore24 acts between product manufacturers (vendors), sales partners (affiliates) and customers as an online marketplace, seller and point of contact for all products sold through our platform. . COPIED FROM DIGISTORE24.COM

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15+ enrolled on this course